"I’d love for you to represent me as my realtor for this process. You have demonstrated to me that you are more than capable and extremely professional. Without me being a client you have been very helpful with any questions I have asked and sharing your knowledge. I hope to start looking at homes around February 2018. Please add me to your “2018 Goal list”, and let me know what I need to do in the meantime so we can start working together in the beginning of the year.  In your words, “Let’s Get Moving!” - 11/2017

"I am new to this whole process Nakia came recommended to me by a friend and I fell in love upon talking to her. She made me feel comfortable and like I could buy a house even though I felt I could not. She explained the steps and started me on the road to buying a home. I’m excited to work with her and to see what he future holds." - 11/2017

"Ms. Evans and her team of professionals are this areas best source for your financial and home purchasing needs. PERIOD! If you are serious about putting yourself in the position to purchase a home, I highly recommend her to be your first call. She can get you in the position to qualify for the best opportunity as well as find you the perfect property for you and your family!" - 11/2017

"I’ve worked with and known Nakia Evans for many years. If you’re looking to purchase a home or just need help with anything, she’s your lady. She’s a wealth of knowledge. Give her a call. Let’s get moving!" - 11/2017

"So I attended the #creditworkshop101 yesterday and left out with a Godmommy (Ms Nakia) and a host of aunties. I never knew learning about credit and homeownership could be so fun. Have you ever had a realtor that cares about you and not just about another quick check? I'll wait! WELL I DO AND YOU SHOULD TOO hire my Godmommy she loves what she does and more importantly her clients. Even if you don't wanna buy a home EVERYONE should take the class. A SATURDAY WELL SPENT!" - 10/2016


"When I made the decision to purchase a home I was extremely nervous and doubtful. I couldn't figure out how or where to start all I know was I needed a Realtor. I was referred by a friend of a friend 3 different Realtors. I closed my eyes and pulled a name out of a hat who so happened to be Nakia Evans. I sent her an email on March 30th at 10:30pm and she responded to my email on March 31st at 12:34am. Right there I was already impressed. From the first day we might she has been nothing but honest, accurate, and always available. I would send Nakia a message 9pm or 10pm at night and she was responding with nothing but comforting words for the nervous wreck of a person I am. When I told her I wasn't to happy with my lender she got right on it and got me a new one Ms. Diana who I feel they make an awesome dual. House after house Nakia never gave up she always remained positive even when I was like alright I'm about to apply for an apartment cause we 8 house in and this is depressing. She said don't give up we got this. She was so right with her positive attitude and willingness we found a home. I took my kids to see the home and they fell in love especially my son. I know people that took years to find a home with Nakia it took us from April 17, 2016 (our first meeting ) till September 29, 2016 which is when we are going to closing and I will be a first time home owner !!! Thank you so much Nakia for everything from the bottom of my heart." - 9/2016

“Nakia is an exceptional agent and exceeded in making sure that everything was ok during my home buying process. Her passion and compassion for her clients are definitely not unnoticed. I was very pleased with her service and making my dream and reality!” - 6/8/2016